Terms of Service

ASIA CLUB Information Service Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Objects)
The purpose of this Agreement is to stipulate the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the members of the asia Club Information Service (hereinafter referred to as “members”) of the asia Club Information Service (hereinafter referred to as “event parties”) in the use of the asia Club Information Service (hereinafter referred to as “event parties”) provided by the Asia Club Information Service.

Article 2 (Specification, effectuation and revision of the terms and conditions)
These terms and conditions shall take effect by notifying the members through service initialization or connection screen or by means of official communication channel announcement or e-mail.
Eveparties may, if deemed necessary, amend these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate relevant laws.
In the event that Eveparti amends the terms and conditions, the amendment may be notified to the members of the service on the official communication channel or service page from 30 days before the application date and the reason for the revision, specifying the application date and the reason for the revision, for a considerable period after the application date 7 days prior to the application date, or the amendment can be effected on the date.
The member has the right to disagree with the amended terms and conditions, and the service contract can be terminated if the member does not agree to the amended terms. However, as the member has otherwise notified by means of paragraph 3 of this section, the member shall not express his or her opinion on the Eve party within 15 days of the application of the amended agreement or shall agree to the changed agreement if the service continues to be used.

Article 3 (use contracts and membership registration, etc.)
The service contract is established by the user agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
The agreement to this Agreement shall be deemed to have been agreed to in the event that the user clicks the “Agreement” button on the service membership page or has taken the method of checking it for “Confirmation” etc.
After the service user agrees to use the service as described in paragraph 2, enter the required information including the e-mail address on the online membership application set by the service user, and press the “Create a new account” or “OK” button. However, if the Yves party recognizes that it is necessary, the member can submit a separate document.
When a member intends to terminate a service contract, he or she may withdraw from the service according to the procedure set by Eve party at any time.

Article 4 (Protection and management of members’ personal information)
The member shall be responsible for the management of the member’s email address, password, etc. for the service use, and for all disadvantages caused by the member’s intentional and error, such as the fraudulent use of his or her e-mail address by a third party. However, in the event that this is caused by the will and negligence of Eve party, Eve party shall be held liable.
If the member’s e-mail address, password, and additional information are stolen or recognized as being used by a third party, the member shall immediately take steps, such as modifying his or her password, and immediately notify the party to follow the instructions of the e-parties.
In order to provide the service, the e-parties can collect necessary personal information (including personal location information) from the members in accordance with the provisions of the relevant statutes.
Eve party strives to protect the members’ personal information as provided under the relevant statutes, and the related statutes and the privacy policy for the use and protection of the members’ personal information are applied.
Eveparti shall not be held liable for all information of the members exposed for reasons attributable to the members.

Article 5 (Operating Principles of Service Utilization)
The service is basically available based on the e-mail address registered by the member and may require owner authentication of the e-mail address as required.
Eveparti is not responsible for the loss of data due to the non-responsibility of Eveparti. Since the lost data cannot be restored, we ask you to keep it separately through the export of important data to an external file.
The members can share to a specific user or to an unspecified number of people through settings such as shared options and passwords in a project. In this case, the member shall be responsible for the damages caused by the member’s will or negligence in the management of the share settings and passwords, and the member shall not be liable for the Yves party.
The copyright and responsibility of a project prepared by a member in the service belong to the preparer of the project, and the member shall not infringe any rights, including the copyrights of a third party. 

Article 6 (Notice to change the service contents, etc.)
If an e-partite changes or terminates a service, it may notify you of any change or termination of the service by posting it within the Services page or by e-mail.
In case of the previous paragraph, the members can be notified through the service page and the official communication channel in case of notification to an unspecified number of people. However, any significant impact related to the member’s own transactions is notified through the service page for a considerable period of time and individually notified by e-mail registered by the member separately.

Article 7 (restriction and suspension of service use)
Yvesparties may restrict or suspend members’ service use if any of the reasons in subparagraph 1 below arise.
1 In case a member interferes with the operation of a service intentionally or through gross negligence;
2 In case of unavoidable service facility inspection, repair or construction
3 In the event that the telecommunication service provider, as provided under the Telecommunications Business Act, has stopped the telecommunication service;
4 When service use is disrupted due to a national emergency, a failure of service facilities, or a heavy flood of service use;
5 If the Eve party considers it inappropriate to continue to provide the service for other significant reasons;
If the use of the service is restricted or suspended according to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the reason and the time limit shall be notified to the member.

Article 8 (No transfer)
The member’s right to service shall not be transferred, given or given for the purpose of quality.

Article 9 (damage compensation)
In the event a member suffers damage to the Yves party in violation of the provisions of this Agreement, Yvesparti may claim damages from the member. In this case, the member shall not be held liable if the member fails to prove that he or she is not guilty.
Eveparti shall not be liable for any damages arising out of respect to any services provided free of charge. 

Article 10 (Exemption)
Yvesparti shall not be liable for any damages caused by the member if the service cannot be provided in the following cases:
1 In case of natural disasters or conditions of force corresponding to them;
2 In case of deliberate service interruption by a third party entering into a service partnership agreement with the Eve party for the provision of the service;
3 In case the member’s use of the service is disabled due to reasons attributable to the member;
4 In case of wilful and error-free reasons of other Eveparties except those 1st or 3rd;
Evepartite shall not guarantee the reliability or accuracy of information, materials, facts, etc. posted on the service or service and shall not be held liable for damages caused by the member.

Article 11 (Notifications to members)
In the event that Eveparti notifies the member, the member-designated e-mail address or e-mail message can be used.
If a member is notified to the entire member, he or she can change the notice to paragraph 1 by posting it within the service’s official communication channel or service page or by presenting a pop-up screen, etc. pop-up screen.

Article 12 (Regulatory Laws and Judges)
These terms and conditions are stipulated and implemented under the Korean law, and applicable to lawsuits filed between the Eve party and the users.
The court shall be the competent court in accordance with the relevant statutes such as the Civil Procedure Act.

Attachment (2015.03.14)
These Terms and Conditions will be effective March 14, 2015. However, if you agree to this Agreement before the effective date after the notice of this Agreement, this Agreement shall apply.